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In producing our educational resources we seek to support an education that nourishes each child intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically, by creating an environment which inspires intrigue and a life-long love of learning, helping them to discover and understand their relationship with nature and society.

You might find it useful to research a little to find your own groove with home educating.  

Unschooling - is a concept worth investigating.  This blog is helpful

Montessori - is also worth a research. This site is interesting
Holistic Education - some information about which can be found here.

This new initiative is also looking to build from World Freedom Alliance on education also looks interesting and they are planning training for educators and parent educators, as well as facilitating the link between those leaving the existing state system. 

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Our Resources

One of the most intimidating things about home educating is the blank canvas of

"What to teach?".   

We're working hard to pull together a selection of example curriculums to choose between, as well as list of disciplines for you to select from on a "pick & mix" basis, or you can do your own thing altogether - the world is your oyster!

For parents keen to keep open the option of a return to state education or to obtain traditional qualifications such as GCSE's and AS-Levels, we recommend including English and Mathematics in your selection.

The Education Otherwise website is extremely helpful for understanding the legalities of home educating and starting out home educating. 

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