Who Are We?

I'm Daisy, a solicitor and mother to three year old twins, based in Ivinghoe. Most of what you see on this website is my doing - I welcome feedback.


Having been a school governor for a few years and seen the approach the Department for Education has taken in recent years I have lost all faith in state education. I've also been really inspired by empathic communications with children (and everyone for that matter) and have collaborated with Julie King, author of How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen (I founded the UK Facebook group for those who are interested) on parenting workshops in the past (and may again!)


In my search for something better for the next generation, I've discovered many ways that school could be better for children and working families, and I have the determination to create it. 

Amongst our network of supporters/helpers (connected through human rights activism in recent years) we have a Buddhist, a home education consultant with a local authority, an individualist, an entrepreneur and a nutritionist.  We all have paid jobs which means we aren't able to share our full names publicly, but we'll be happy to respond to any contacts without the cloak of anonymity. 


We welcome people from all walks of life looking to raise children with a life-long curiosity and love of learning.