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It's happening!
Join us for the journey

We're delighted to announce that after a successful first pilot week in May, we are now taking applications for our second pilot week which will run on the 10th, 12th and 14th of July 2023 for children aged 4 - 8 years old.  


Our learning facilitators are all committed to empathic, non-coercive communication - no rewards, no punishments, no bribes - and draw inspiration from a variety of child-led philosophies, including Waldorf/Steiner,  Forest School,  Reggio Emilia and Montessori, with a commitment to exploring creativity, joy and a meaningful understanding of people, nature and the world. You can read more about our ethos here, and more about what the longer-term pictures looks like here.


Our vision is for a cohort of children who will grow together for many years (as opposed to needing to 'graduate' when they have their 9th birthday), building community and camaraderie within a nurturing environment and secure connections to the facilitators of their learning journey, within the wider context of a supportive parent community.

We'll operate a group of around 10 children (11 maximum), aged approximately from 4 years to 8 years old, with two adults responsible for providing them with a nurturing, curiosity-inspiring environment, based in Ashley Green, between Chesham and Berkhamsted on the Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire borders.

Full details of the July pilot week, including timetable and costs can be found here .

Whilst priority will be given to children attending all three days to ensure continuity of involvement with collaborative projects, we will also consider applications for one or two days a week. 

Spaces will be strictly limited to ensure the children receive a suitably personalised experience and feel personally welcomed.  Applications which we are unable to accommodate initially will be added to a 'waiting list'. 

If you're interested in becoming part of our community and securing a space for your child or children (either on the July pilot week, at our Ashridge-based 'summer camp week', or from September or all three) you can fill out the application form below right away. We anticipate being fully booked soon.  

If you have previously filled out a full form, please click here for our shorter re-apply form.

Apply for your child's place now
(if you have previously filled out this form, please click here for a shorter 'reapply' form)

Which days/times would your children like to attend?
Do you consent to your child having their photo taken? (To be shared only with you and the home ed community, only on private groups eg. whatsapp but not on social media)
In the event of an emergency, if the setting is unable to contact me, I give my consent for my child to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Thanks for your application. We'll be reviewing all applications on a rolling basis and will revert to you as soon as possible.


Payment in advance will be required to secure your place/s.

Rapid Re-Apply
Please note daily cost £50.50 or £150 for 3 days

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